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 Fight Against Fibro: The Course 


The Fight Against Fibro course helps struggling fibromyalgia warriors create their own recovery recipe and go from feeling frustrated and hopeless to back in control (even if you feel like you've tried everything!).

 When fibromyalgia takes over 

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We're sure you’ve heard the phrase “the days are slow, but the years are fast.” This might be true — flare days are the slowest and with fibro fog, the years are blurry!


When it comes to your life, you’ve given up a lot because of fibromyalgia. How many plans have you turned down? Have you lost any friends? Do you think it’s in the cards for you to go on that big trip, begin that hobby, or do what you did before your diagnosis? How many things have you given up because of your pain? 

 Sick and tired of being sick and tired 

We both spent years feeling isolated and disheartened because nothing seemed to make the pain better. As a teen with chronic pain, I realized I needed to take control of my symptoms because living with pain forever was not a life for me. After some scary medication side effects, I started experimenting with lifestyle changes to figure out what worked for me. 

Ten years after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, my pain and fatigue was under control despite working and going to school full-time, socializing with friends, and consistently exercising. When I was in graduate school for occupational therapy, I learned there had been TONS of studies on all of the pain management strategies that I had found to work for managing my fibro. Looking back, I could’ve used some sort of guide to get back to doing the things I wanted to… 

 A game plan to take control from fibro 

Remember when I treated my life like a science experiment for years? Well, a sneak peek into some of the strategies that worked for both of us: pacing, energy conservation, having a plan, and addressing expectations. Yes, there’s science backing up these strategies. But it's near impossible to hear vague advice and apply it to real life... that's where this course comes into play. 

This isn’t just a course, it’s everything we wanted and looked for when we were learning how to live with fibromyalgia! This is the information and framework we teach our clients as a wellness coach and an occupational therapist. 


 What's included in Fight Against Fibro? 

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Video Modules

Six step-by-step modules to transform how you manage your fibromyalgia symptoms in six weeks.

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Coaching Calls

Chat with us to work through roadblocks and get you back on track to executing your fight plan.


Group Support

Access to the exclusive Facebook community to share your struggles and wins along the way.

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