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 Mastering Mealtime 


With  Mastering Mealtime,  you’ll be equipped with curated meal plans, recipe guides, and grocery lists so that you can feel less stressed and more empowered to make food choices that help you fuel against chronic pain and fatigue.

Imagine how good it would feel to fuel your body
with delicious meals that are tailored to chronic
pain and fatigue warriors


We get it… figuring out what to eat while living with chronic pain and fatigue can be confusing and overwhelming. Fueling our bodies isn’t so simple when menu planning, grocery shopping, preparing meals, and cleaning it all up results in you feeling absolutely exhausted. 

When energy is such a limited resource, it’s easy to go for what’s quick (hello, fast food drive-thru!). Well, what’s quick and convenient is often the opposite of what we need. There’s nothing like being between a rock and a hard place, huh? 

Styled Stock Society Healthy Greens 10.jpeg

Can you relate??

Your energy is zapped, mood
is low, and
stress is high.

You are frustrated and looking for ways to improve your symptoms.

You are overwhelmed with confusing info about what to eat when you have chronic pain.

You’ve had enough of trying to figure out all the complicated nutrition stuff on
your own.

It's time to reduce stress and save energy by implementing a proven system for meal planning, shopping, and prepping!

MASTERING MEALTIME is our system for fueling against chronic pain and fatigue by giving your body what it needs without zapping all of your energy in the process!

It’s taken us years to develop and refine our meal planning system and collections of recipes. With Mastering Mealtime, you can take advantage of OUR time & and energy investment, skip past years of trial and error, and head straight to the good stuff. 

cutting board

 Using science-backed nutrition to reduce pain 

There are two options for curated meal plans, so you can pick what’s right for you and your household! We offer a 6 week complete meal plan (includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks with 165+ recipes) and a 4 week entree meal plan (28 recipes total!). 

Take out all of the guesswork and compiling of recipes, grocery lists,

and when to start what dish… we’ve got you!


​All recipes are nutritiously balanced and based on the scientifically backed Mediterranean diet. Unlike what its name implies, the Mediterranean diet isn’t what we think of when we hear “diet.” Think less restriction and more incorporating foods that have decades of evidence that this style of eating reduces the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, memory loss, and depression. The Mediterranean diet has been shown to reduce pain severity, reduce the number of pain locations on the body, and reduce the frequency of pain.

We're striving for more energy and less stress, which is why each meal takes less than 30 minutes of prep and has substitution options if you’re missing an ingredient or want to swap something out. Because variety is the spice of life, there isn't a single repeated recipe in Mastering Mealtime! Most recipes are for servings of 2, so you can easily adjust based on the size of your household. 

Are you ready to say “see ya later!” to your meal planning woes and maximize the time and energy you have? Get instant access to Mastering Mealtime!



all-in-one system


Reduce the time you spend on menu planning, grocery shopping, prepping,  and cleanup so you can spend more time doing things you enjoy.


weekly meal plans

Slash your stress and uncertainty by following a step-by-step eating plan workflow that's been proven to work over and over again!


collection of easy-to-prep recipes

Enjoy dishes like chicken kabobs and roasted pear French toast (a win-win of delicious and nutritious!). 


weekly grocery lists

grocery list

Know exactly what to buy when grocery shopping, without going to a health food or specialty food store.


design your

own options

To customize your eating plan, we've created a meal planning guide so you can adjust based on your preferences.


supportive team

Mastering mealtime is a skill that gets easier over time. Reach out to us any time with your meal planning questions!

Sure, you could scour the internet for recipes and spend hours compiling grocery lists (with hopes that what you select is fibromyalgia friendly)... or you can stop the overwhelm and start following a step-by-step system for nutritious meals today.


 Meet Hannah & Teresa 

Mastering Mealtime was developed by Teresa (a certified dietary manager) and Hannah (an occupational therapist), who want you to fuel and feel well while working smarter, not harder.  

Together, we're a mother-daughter duo on a mission to fight against fibromyalgia (and other chronic pain and fatigue conditions) by sharing knowledge, creating meaningful lifestyle changes, and exuding a fierce passion for proving statistics wrong! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the recipes hard to make?

All of the recipes use simple techniques and are meant for beginner to intermediate cooks.

Will I need to buy ingredients I'll only use once?
Nope! Each weekly menu is created with the intention to limit food waste and avoid buying expensive, unfamiliar ingredients. Most recipes rely on pantry staples for seasoning. Plus, we include recipes that use repeat ingredients within the meal plan.

Tell me more about the Mediterranean diet. Will it make a difference??
The Mediterranean diet plan is a combination of traditional cooking styles of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea – from Spain to the Middle East. The Mediterranean-style diet is a predominately plant-based diet with staples including fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and plant oils (such as olive oil). Fish and seafood are eaten 2-3 times weekly along with small amounts of dairy, eggs, and poultry. This way of eating has been scientifically linked to reduced pain severity and frequency.


Are the recipes meal-prep friendly?
Some can be prepared entirely in advance and assembled or cooked when it's time to eat. For others, we give lots of prep-ahead tips and time-saving hacks to make the mealtime rush as easy as possible for you!


What if I am not 100% satisfied with my purchase? Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Due to the value and resources provided in this digital meal plan, we do not provide a money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will discuss your specific circumstances and agree upon a mutually beneficial resolution.


How do I access the meal plan?
After purchasing, you'll receive an email containing a download link, which will remain valid for 30 days to access and save your zip file (contains all the PDFs). If you purchased and forgot to download all the files to your computer or cloud, reach out to us directly

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