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When we say we understand being sick and tired of being sick and tired, we truly mean it.


We're Teresa & Hannah. Teresa is a wellness coach and certified dietary manager; Hannah is an occupational therapist. We both have chronic pain and fatigue.

Chronic illness can be lonely, frustrating, exhausting, and confusing. When you're in survival mode, the goal is to get through the day... but what about next week or next year? It's time to start thinking about recovery.

This is when Your Secret Weapon comes in! Not your typical how-to, this is an interactive step-by-step guide for setting goals that are important to you and making them happen (starting where you're at right now)!


We're sharing this free resource with you because it's exactly what we wanted but didn't have. Living a full life with chronic illness doesn't have to be out of reach... you just need the right tools in your kit and the right people on your team. Now you've got 'em.

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 So, what do you say? 

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