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Hi! How are you?

We help fellow pain and fatigue warriors find strategies that work so they can live a life with less stress and more energy!

Teresa is a certified dietary manager + wellness coach and Hannah is an occupational therapist. Together, we're a mother-daughter duo on a mission to fight against fibromyalgia (and other chronic pain and fatigue conditions) by sharing knowledge, creating meaningful lifestyle changes, and exuding a fierce passion for proving statistics wrong! 

There's so much more to the story...

We are Hannah & Teresa!

What are you fighting for?

We fight so we can spend time and energy doing things that matter to us with the people that matter to us! What are you fighting for?


Spend a moment brainstorming how you would like to spend your time and energy. What does this look like? How does it feel? Does this vision feel possible... or just an idea? You deserve to have all of these "out of this world" ideas be a reality. They don't have to be ideals or dreams.


You just need to learn how to fight with the right tools. And we've got them.

Image by Charlotte Coneybeer
Ready to learn our ''fight club'' secrets?
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